Worldwide Regional Magnetic Compilation pdf Click here for printable version

PGW has assembled a “regional” worldwide database of magnetic data utilizing grid cell sizes of 400 m to 10 km. This dataset will allow large areas to be stored and manipulated relatively easily and will facilitate viewing/ selection or areas quickly on a regional basis.

This compilation includes:

  • 5 km grid of Africa
  • 10 km grid of South America
  • 10 km grid of China
  • 10 km grid of Arabia and the Middle East
  • 400 m grid of Australia
  • 2 km grid of North America
  • 2.5 km grid of the Former Soviet Union
  • 5 km grid of the Philippines
  • 1 km grid of Alaska
  • 5 km grid of Arctic/North Atlantic


For further information, contact Dr. James Misener (click here for contact information).