Custom Software Development

PGW has developed a number of Geosoft Executables (GX's) to perform specialized earth science processing tasks.

Our GX's are fully compatible with OASIS MontajTM on the PC and Unix platforms. We can work with you to develop customized GX's to suit your specific needs.

microlevel Decorrugation and Microlevelling GX's
coastplot Coastplot GX
compudrape1D Compu-DrapeTM 1D GX
compudrape Compu-DrapeTM GX
grad2tmi GRAD2TMI GX - Total Field Calculated from Horizontal Gradients
keating Keating Magnetic Correlation Coefficients for Kimberlite Exploration
SED Source Edge Detection SED GX
SPI Source Parameter ImagingTM SPI GX
varyrtp Varyrtp GX - Continuous Reduction to the Pole