Geophysical Interpretation


PGW has been providing geophysical interpretation services since 1973. We specialize in detailed magnetic, gravity, electromagnetic, radiometric and IP/resistivity data interpretation.

In addtion, we were among one of the first companies to adopt personal computers in the early 80's. Now we are using leading edge technology for the constrained 3D inversions of magnetic, gravity, IP/resistivity and electromagnetic data. We start by building a geological model for the area of study, then we compute a geophysical model that satisfies the geology and/or borehole information. The 3D model can be utilized for target definition for drilling and refining the exploration model.

2D/3D Geological Modelling

PGW performs geological forward modelling of gravity and magnetic data in 2D, 2.5D and 3D. We constrain our models with other available information such as geology, EM, IP, and resistivity when present. Modelling is essential for a better understanding of structure and lithology, and is particularly valuable for determining potential drillhole locations.

Modelled 2D section Integrated with IP/Res, Geology and Alteration Mapping

Forward modelling of magnetic and gravity data, integrated in 3D as sections or actual 3D model
3D modelling