PGW offers a variety of services to our clients, ranging from data processing and interpretation of small ground based surveys to continent scale data compilations. We primarily work with magnetic, radiometric, electromagnetic, gravity, electrical and induced polarization data, as well as incorporation of seismic data, satellite imagery and digital terrain models. At the processing level, we integrate the geophysical data with other datasets available in digital form (e.g. geology, topography, terrain, satellite, geochemistry, etc.). Similarly, interpretations are carried out on an integrated basis. In our interpretation studies, we are well versed in incorporating geology, geochemistry, seismic, drill log and well data (e.g. horizons, depths, physical properties) into our mapping, modelling and interpretation.

Since April 2015, PGW has employed a structural geologist on our staff (Dr. Iris Lenauer). With this structural geology input PGW is able to provide additional geological interpretation of geophysical data as well as 3D litho-structural modelling, field structural mapping, and fault interpretation.